What Is Ghost Fishing? Effects Of Ghost Fishing | JournalPressAdventure

If you don’t know what is ghost fishing? You are in the right place, First of all, you need to understand everything about what is ghost fishing.

Ghost fishing or ghost gear referred to as fishing gear, Many ghost gears have been lost, thrown away, or thrown into the water, Because we don’t have knowledge about ghost fishing and we start ghost fishing with Inconsistency gear, that’s why we lost our gear we can’t catch the fish proper way and We destroy the sea environment.

Fishing gear in the social environment is sometimes thought of as “ghost gear” This gear continues to catch fish and animals, Entangled with the net and potentially killing marine life, Remembering the habitat, and Acts as a danger in navigation.

Through for Energy fishing Partnerships NOAA and National Fish, and Wildlife Foundation Covanta Energy Corporation, and Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. To dispose of and reduce damaged or unusable ghost fishing gear, A free-to-use solution has been provided.

The NOAA Marine Debris program is working with fishermen to provide a space for free disposal of fishing gear and to support prevention strategies through technological advances in fishing gear.

This will help prevent phishing gear from becoming illegal, The program has raised more than 4 million in gear across the United States.