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What Is Ghost Fishing
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If you don’t know what is ghost fishing? In this guide, we try to cover everything about ghost fishing. Ghost fishing or ghost gear referred to as fishing gear, Many ghost gears have been lost, thrown away, or thrown into the water, Because we don’t have knowledge about ghost fishing and we start ghost fishing with Inconsistency gear, that’s why we lost our gear we can’t catch the fish proper way and We destroy the sea environment.

Fishing gear in the social environment is sometimes thought of as “ghost gear” This gear continues to catch fish and animals, Entangled with the net and potentially killing marine life, Remembering the habitat, and Acts as a danger in navigation.

Through for Energy fishing Partnerships NOAA and National Fish, and Wildlife Foundation Covanta Energy Corporation, and Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. To dispose of and reduce damaged or unusable ghost fishing gear, A free-to-use solution has been provided.

The NOAA Marine Debris program is working with fishermen to provide a space for free disposal of fishing gear and to support prevention strategies through technological advances in fishing gear.

This will help prevent phishing gear from becoming illegal, The program has raised more than 4 million in gear across the United States.

How Much Fishing Gear Is Lost?

According to World Animal Protection, an estimated 25,000 nets are dumped annually in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean alone. Every year the population grows, That is why the amount of throwing nets is increasing.


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Causes of Ghost Fishing

Nets can be lost due to storms, currents, and other hazards of nature and Due to poor maintenance, The net may disappear if floating or moorings are compressed.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has identified some of the consequences of ghost fishing. And in 2019, the net has organized regional workshops to address the problem of lost or discarded.

What Is Ghost Fishing

However, it is believed that thousands of kilometers of abandoned and damaged nets are flowing through the sea or stuck in the sea bed. The main problem is that these ghost nets endanger the fish of the sea.

Ghost fishing from a perspective, Trapped in these districts, marine animals are inevitably dying.


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Effects Of Ghost Fishing

Every year, many marine animals die as a result of plastic injections. Sea plastic and lost or discarded fishing gear is the main cause of marine life. Everybody knows about ghost gear These include fishing nets, pots, ropes, traps, hooks, and fishing lines. These objects can trap large marine animals, causing their slow, painful death.


What Is Ghost Fishing Gear

Ghost fishing gear basically includes fishing gear lost or thrown into the sea, most of which are unseen. Ghost fishing gear is a deadly form of marine plastic for marine fish, as it neutrally embraces wildlife, sea turtles, marine mammals, and sharks, and dies slowly and painfully through exhaustion and suffocation.


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What Can You Do?

We must all think of our oceans and marine life. If you are fishing in the sea, If you can see some contaminant place and In marine plastic pollution,

You need to contact government representatives to help establish a global obligation agreement. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.


How Can We Stop Ghost Fishing

Although global awareness of the issue is growing. For example, diving companies in Shenzhen, Karachi, and the Mediterranean are removing nets from the marine environment.


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No Dumping 

Before using the old fishing gear options, It should be remembered that relying on volunteers to reintroduce ghost traps will never solve the problem.

Fishermen must be involved in increasing the recycling of marine plastics. In Scotland, a company is doing this, bringing back the waste collected from the sea back to land.

But the most important thing is to stop the fishing gears from getting lost at sea. Global Ghost Gear Initiative Fishing Gear Lost Report Record, Figures from April 1981 to October 2018 show 46,000 fishing gear items, more than half of these nets have entered the sea. Source from gggi.org.


Processing Of Abandoned Nets

Since helping to rescue sperm whales trapped in abandoned fishing nets in 2013, Volunteers from the Shenzhen diving company Divforlov are removing marine debris, especially fishing nets, from the seabed off the nearby Dapeng coast. And They consult with local fishermen to learn how to make fishing nets.


Deeper Processing Of Recycled Nets

Lots of recycling fishing gear can be melted down into plastic pellets that can be used to create new consumer products. Bury, a California-based firm, is currently working on a similar project.



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