Valentino Rossi and Pecco Bagnaia
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The 9-time world champion Valentino Rossi in the 2008 season won 5 in a row and he won the 2008 world 🌎 championship.

Back to back in 2009 he again won the 2009 world 🌎 championship and Vale’s 2009 won the last championship win.

Also 2015 Valentino Rossi try to win the 2015 MotoGP world championship but only for 5 points he can’t win the 2015 championship.

Valentino Rossi 2008 Won 5 In Row | Pecco Bagnaia Can Break His Boss Record?

Valentino Rossi’s point was 325 and Jorge Lorenzo’s point is 330, Jorge Lorenzo win the 2015 championship. But 35-year-old The Doctor gives us an incredible result in the 2015 MotoGP world championship.

In 2022 Pecco Bagnaia recently win 4 races in a row. What do you think Pecco Bagnaia can break his boss record in the 2022 MotoGP world championship season?


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