Shimano Curado K Review | Is It a ABU Garcia Revo SX Alternative Baitcaster Reel?

Shimano Curado K Review
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Are you looking Shimano Curado K Review? You are come to the right place for honest review.

What's up beautiful people?

Your Friend  Sharif Sohail is here on the Journal Press Adventure blog. Today I will discuss about the most popular baitcaster reel Shimano Curado K.

In this article you will get details information about the Shimano Curado K baitcaster reel. I hope the "Shimano Curado K Fishing Reel Review" article can help you for choosing the best baitcaster reel for freshwater or saltwater fishing.

Shimano Curado K Fishing Reel Review

The Shimano Curado K baitcasting reel is range of reels and it has been a staple of many anglers in both fresh and saltwater for many years. 

Also Shimano Curado K baitcasting reel has latest installment, with this legendary series of baitcasting reels Shimano offering Shimano’s top technologies such as super smooth MicroModule Gear to take the Curado name to the next level. 

Even all the user of Shimano Curado K baitcasting reels appreciate the ease of adjustment the SVS Infinity Braking allows, and the increased casting distance achieved in conjunction with Super Free Spool.

Shimano Curado K Overview 

Shimano Curado K is one of the most popular and most older baitcasting reels, with this reel Shimano offer a lot of new features like the larger handle, smaller body, larger spool open, improved breaking, and micro module gearing that combine to offer a smooth experience in the fishing time.

Also you will get with Curado K 1 size 200 but 3 gear ratios, a 6.2:1, 7.4:1, and high speed 8.5:1 with the option of either a right or left hand retrieve. With Curado K baitcasting reel you will get little bit more feature than Shimanos others baitcaster reel.

The Shimano Curado K baitcaster reel is plan of making a more mainstream model that could be used in many situations and it would be affordable to a wider group of anglers.

With this reel Shimano offer multiple gear ratios to choose from you have the freedom to explore different styles of fishing in freshwater or saltwater. Even the 3 gear ratios provide you 6.2:1, 7.4:1, and 8.5:1 that will cover almost every situation from flipping and pitching lightweight lures and jigs to getting that high speed retrieve with your favorite crankbaits.

The larger and stronger swept handle help you for more leverage when reeling in that big bass, drum or trout. If you choose to go with the 8.5:1 XG model, you will get a true power handle for that fat bass fishing.

The Shimano Curado K Features

For the Curado K Shimano provide you update technology, which can help you to cast large fish  in saltwater. Also Shimano offer flagship technology, aluminum frame, A-RB stainless steel ball bearings, and hogane body. So let's talk about details of the 

Shimano Curado K Features;

Shimano Curado K Features

Shimano Curado K Technologies Features


The Xship feature is the welcome feature on the Shimano I and that has been retained for the Curado K. Xship is brings refinement and stability together. Positioning the pinion closer to the main gear enhances the power transfer. 

Also the pinon is supported by two bearings. On the refinement side of things, pinion positioning refines the power transfer and the workhorse factor is born out in the stability that provided for the bearing support. For the Xship feature you will get more smoother, more powerful, and stable crank.

Micromodule Gears 

The Micromodule Gears helps bearings to get more smoothness, and also it's responsible for reducing vibration, which reduces noise, both aural and feel.

Micromodule feature help you to get more precise feedback from the business end of your rig.

Power AL Aluminum Frame

The Curado K build with aluminum frame and the body design of their other Hagane reels. This design helps cut flex during reeling as well as protecting the interior of the reel from unexpected impacts.

The aluminum frame offer you both strength and decrease in weight over other materials.

Super Free Spool

Quoting Shimano directly, SFS was designed to eliminate friction on the spool shaft during cast and that Instead of calling Super Free Spool, and also it should be called inherent baitcaster design flaw eliminated.

The Super Free Spool also reduces friction on the spool. Essentially, it puts full spool control in your hands for more precise casting. Also the potential drag from the pinion gear creates a casting variable, that's means variable casting consistency is compromised.

Compact Ergonomic Body Design 

With the Shimano Curado K you will get compact design and that's 10% smaller than earlier models. Also ergonomic body design helps bring a lightweight reel with the strength to prevent flexing to life.

S-ARB Stainless Steel Bearings 

Shimano offer S-ARB Stainless Steel Premium Bearings and the bearings quality is different between others manufacturers fishing reel bearings.

For the Curado K durability is a feature for long time use, but I’d advise for you to keep the water out, particularly saltwater. 

If you feel any issue about smoothness? Then you should check the bearing, most of the time for the bearings issue you don't get smoothness. So always you should choose the fishing reel for premium quality bearings like S-ARB Stainless Steel Bearings.

Light, rigid CI4 Side Plate 

The Cl4 side plate enhancing the compact ergonomic design and for the Curado K reel the side plate made from Shimano CI4 material. Also this material offer lightweight, strong, strength and rigidity. The side plate is attached via a pin and spring and it stays in place so you won’t drop it in the lake and ruin your day of fishing.

Hagane Body

Hagane, while being more or less a marketing label, indicates aluminum or magnesium construction.

The Hagane Body keeps your reel rigid without packing on the pounds. Rigidity ensures that reel torque and power makes it all the way to the fish.

When twist and flex are eliminated, your gears remain in perfect mesh, and wear is significantly reduced. Also the Hagane body impact resistance In a small but busy boat, expect your Curado to hit the deck frequently. 

SVS Infinity

Shimano offer for the Curado K SVS Infinity that is the technical aspects of the SVS design. For the SVS Infinity feature the Shimano K casts better than the Shimano I.

Those baitcaster reel want to cast a much lighter class of lures that will be impressed you, and for you it will much easier to cast lighter lures in tricky conditions with SVS tech on board.

Cross Carbon Drag 

With Curado K you will get carbon drag braking system, which can help you for casting easily.

Also the cross carbon drag is very smooth, but always was, and I’m not sure there’s a significant difference from previous models.

My thoughts for the cross carbon drag it will be smoother for much longer under heavy use and tough battles.

Longer & Stronger Handle Design 

The larger & stronger handle help you for more leverage when reeling in the big boys and the XG comes with a true power handle.

Significantly higher gear ratios with multiple gear ratios to choose from you have the ability to choose exactly the right gear ratio for your fishing style. The 3 gear ratios offered 6.2:1, 7.4:1, and 8.5:1 offer 26″, 31″ and a whopping 36″ or retrieval per crank of the handle.

Shimano Curado K Pros

  • Well made with quality components
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • Excellent casting manners
  • Stable, reliable, and predictable
  • Very smooth, cast, retrieve, and in battle under load
  • Great looking reel
  • Price point. A lot of reel for accessible pricing
  • Number of variants

Shimano Curado K Cons

  • Not convinced of the performance 
  • longevity of micromodule
  • Drag power reduction was unfortunate

Which Fishing Rod Will Be Compatible With Shimano Curado K?

With an Shimano Curado K baitcaster reel you should select a hard fishing rod, which has able cast large fish.

From my experience for the Shimano Curado K baitcaster reel, the compatible rod is Tiralejo Surf SPN 100 Mh for saltwater fishing. If you want to freshwater fishing? Then you should choose the Shimano Clarus Casting fishing rod, which will be perfect for freshwater fishing.

Also for the Salty anglers, the sky is the limit. Tackle everything from Barra, big Jacks, and Trevally in the vast Northern Bays, to light offshore work including the Likes of Yellowtail Kingfish.

Shimano Curado K Alternatives?

On the fishing  reel market you will get a lot of options if you’re prepared to compromise on price and features. You can also spend a little more and change the playing field entirely.

As a alternative baitcaster reel, For the Shimano Curado K Review article i choose the PENN Squall Baitcaster, Daiwa Tatula, and the ABU Garcia Revo SX.

All the fishing reel offers you something different, so before buying the reel you should check all the things.

Final Verdict 

Overall I just love the smooth cast and performance of Shimano Curado K baitcaster reel.  

Also the price for the Curado K fishing reel isn’t bad. Sitting in the middle of pricing for Shimano’s models the Curado K isn’t out of reach.

From Shimano Curado K baitcaster reel you will get smooth retrieval, long casting, and easily adjustable brakes system in order to counter backlashes. 

If you are looking for budget friendly baitcaster reel? the Curado K definitely will be one of the best options for you.

I'm share with you my honest thought about the Shimano Curado K baitcaster reel, I hope the Shimano Curado K Review will be helpful for your buying decision. 

Thank you so much for reading Shimano Curado K Review article. See you in any other content.

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