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As a beginner, If you are very disappointed for do not catch fish and when going fishing you can’t find out the fish, The fish finder tool helps you a lot.

If you don’t know how to use a fish finder tool, don’t worry just follow step by step very carefully. Hope you find the fish easily and your every fishing experience will be great.



Fish Finder Basic

Mainly the fish finder has 4 elements, The fish finder element is…




First of all, for the electronic pulses, the transmitter converts to the DC power from the battery. The electronic pulses will send to the transducer. This is basically the work of the transmitter.



When the transducer receives the electronic pulses from the transmitter, then the electronic pulses automatically convert into sonic signals, and then the sonic signals some echoes come back.


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The sonic signals and echoes send to the receiver. the receiver processes the sonic signals and echoes then the fish finder display shows you the fish.


Every transducer uses Piezoelectric crystals for convert audio signals to electronic signals. Generally, the transducers are 2 types and that’s CHIRP sonar and Primary sonar.

When sweeping the end of the lake or sea, then the CHIRP sonar technology uses any type of frequency. The frequency gives the best definition of the end, course, object, fish.


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The Primary sonar In a joint effort between British and Americans and Developed during the First World War.

If you think about the old submarine war movie, Where they ping louder and listen for echoes. The primary sonar technology was further improved in the 1950s.



Picked up the echo that came back by the transducer, Is then transmitted to the receiver. The echo has been amplified And then when the echo reflection returns, The power of the echo and the frequency of the echo, Have been analyzed. Now every information sends your fish finder display screen.



When the receiver sent the on the display screen, then you can see pixels type series in your display screen. The display screen horizontally and vertically measured the pixel.


How To Use a Fish Finder

If you like freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing, one thing you need to how to use a fish finder, this tool helps you a lot and you can catch more fish if you use the fish finder tool properly.


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Features that were previously available in the Fish Finder tool, Now in modern technology, you will get more features like 360-degree view, 3D imaging, Side scanning.


If you use update fish finder, you can see mere minnow from dozens of feet away, from 100 feet away you can see large fish.

If you don’t have more budget for the fish finder, you can buy an inexpensive fish finder, the fish finder provide you color view and vivid details.

If you need the fish finder tool advantage, First of all, you need to know how to use a fish finder. So let’s get started.


Fish Finder 4 Steps

Fish finder turn on

Read the user manual

Identify the fish finder basic information

Adjust the fish finder setting

Fish finder screen information


Fish finder turn on

When you go fishing, If you’re in the boat first you need to turn on the fish finder. If you have in your boat a multifunction display.


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The multifunction display combination of fish finder, radar, electronics, and Chartplotter. Which option may help you to choose the fish finder display screen from the menu it’s a very useful feature of the boat.


Read the user manual

At first, you should read the user manual because of the reading help to familiarize yourself with the fish finder. Next time when you using it, the fish finder’s every function will be easy to understand.


Identify with fish finder basic setting

Every fish finder tool gives you some basic information like boat speed, temperature, and the place dept measuring the fish finder.

This type of information you can see on the fish finder display top left or right side. It depends on your fish finder model, Some fish finders you will get on the other side so it’s doesn’t matter.


Adjust the basic functions of fish finder

You have a fish finder and if you have unfamiliar with the fish finder setting, then you have set the fish finder in by default it’s good for beginners.

The modern fish finder perfect for the default settings. You need to take some time and watch it after if you are not satisfied then you can change the fish finder setting and you can improve the display view of the underwater world.

Adjust the basic functions of fish finder

Screen Brightness: Daylight always perfect for the display screen’s maximum brightness. When you are fishing at night than can be blinding, So the darkness time you need to consider dimming the screen down.

Zoom: For the underwater fish you can for the specific place the features very helpful, In the underwater 40 feet away have some fish, then you can zoom it clearly understand. This way you can catch more fish.


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Range: The auto range is very effective for modern down-looking units fish finder If you want to reduce the range to increase the portion of the screen.

Sensitivity: If you increase the sensitivity you can find out more fish and also will increase the clutter.

Scanning vs. Traditional Views: Many types of modern units have the ability of high and low-frequency fish finding. The high frequency views most of the time familiar with imagers or scanners. High-frequency views can provide spectacular details.

Color Pallets: Color pallets changing most of the time it’s a matter of preference. Some people for the different light the color pallet can see better or worse.


The Bottom Line

So if you want to catch more fish, Must be you have to be a proper idea about how to use a fish finder tool. we try to cover everything about fish finder, if you follow our guide properly, we hope you can easily find out every type of fish.

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