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Today i will share with you about how to start fishing a details infographic design, In this infographic design will help you to start your fishing journey.


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If you have never been fishing, If you don’t know how to start fishing for the first time? If you follow our guide very carefully, then you will know everything about how to start fishing.

The fishing creates a beautiful relationship, When you go fishing, The first fishing trip, and the first fish-catching moment, never you can’t forget the moment.

If you don’t know how to start fishing? Well, it’s can be very challenging for beginners and If you are a beginner, you will catch a fish it will be very rewarding for you.

If you have dinner with your fishing challenge, it will be one of the best happiest moments for you, and this moment will encourage you to go fishing.

One thing you can do fishing with your best friends. If you go fishing with your best friends, you can do a lot of fun with your best friends.

You will be able to spend a good day with your best friends while fishing for the whole day. And many new experiences about fishing will be gained you.

Fish catching it’s not the main fact for you. Because you can spend time with beautiful nature. And you are lucky cause you gained fish catching experience and you feel the beautiful nature.

Every year 40 million Americans fishing with a thrilling outdoor hobby, If you don’t try it you will be miss fishing a lot of things.

And one thing if you are a beginner, it will be a little bit challenging about the fishing rod, reels, lures, baits, fishing technique, and types of fishing.

Don’t worry if you follow JournalPressAdventure’s guide and if you have available all types of Fishing Gear and Equipment, It will be very easy for you.

Fishing Basic

As a beginner angler, First of all, you need to learn and understand about ”Type of fishing”. Next, you need to learn how to catch fishing? and then you need to know about fishing fundamentals, especially about required Fishing Gear and Equipment, Types of Fishing Cloth, and Fishing licenses.

If your Fishing Gear and Equipment are ready, then you can go fishing. One thing mind it, if you are a beginner fisherman, first of all you need to go in freshwater for fishing.

As a beginner, you need to go fishing with your family or friends. Because you are a beginner and you need proper safety. And this is your one of biggest advantages, you can spend quality time with your family, also can do fishing.

When you prepare for fishing, your fishing rod & reel you need to be sure the reel has the line, then press the button of your spin, you have to be very careful to release the line from the reel.  you need to pull the fishing line and thread it.


Why Fishing Is Good For You?

Fishing it’s actually our hobby and some people take it as a profession. which people like to do traveling, this kind of people like too much the fishing.

Every week they’re going on a road trips and choose a beautiful fishing spot and enjoy your best time with family members or best friends.

We like to do fishing, because it’s our hobby and if we go to on a beautiful fishing spot with our family or best friends it will create a good relationship.

Most of the fishing advantage is when we feel mentally depressed, we feel very bad and we don’t like to do any work.

This time if you go to a beautiful natural fishing spot for fishing with your family or friends, this moment will be your best time, and hope you feel too much good.

If you don’t like to go with your family or friends, if you’re doing a plan you want to go alone, that will be a good idea if you like it.

if you want to go alone for your bad time, I will suggest you go with your best friend for a refreshment. Because if you go alone, I think you will be very disappointed.

All around I would like to say if you like to go alone just go or if you like to go with your best friend just go it depends on you.

Why fishing is good for you? I think for many fishing is good for you.


Here 12 Reasons Why Fishing Is Good For Your Health:

  • Fishing Sport Provides You More Vitamin D
  • Fishing Is a Great Way To Meet New Friends
  • Lowers Your Stress
  • Fishing Is Fun
  • Fishing Increase Your Brain Health
  • Fishing Create Family Bonding
  • Sense of Fulfillment
  • Fishing Provides You Clean And Fresh Air
  • Fishing Keeps You Physically Fit
  • Good Time Spending
  • Fishing Improves Your Concentration
  • Learning to Be Patient


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How To Start Fishing

If you don’t know about how to start fishing? First of all, you need all types of fishing tools, gear and must be you have to be a valid fishing license, then you can do fishing.

how to start fishing

Fishing License

When you planning a fishing trip to a specific fishing spot, it’s very important for you must be you have to a fishing license. The fishing license is very inexpensive maybe for one person will cost more than $150 yearly.

The fishing license depends on a state by state and maybe other things involved like such as residency and non-residency.

I think you have to take stamp paper for a unique fishing spot. Must be you need to follow the fishing rules and regulations. Supposed if you for unique fishing spot area you need to follow the fish catch limit.

If you go without a fishing license the fishing spot author you will be fined. So don’t go on a fishing trip without a fishing license.


How To Find a Good Fishing Spot

For the first time, you don’t know how to find a good fishing spot, first of all, you need to research. You can check-in online the fishing blog, fishing forums, fishing club for the best fishing spot.

Otherwise, you need to visit your local fishing association, city and town tourism guides for the best hot fishing spots. If you identify some unique fishing spot, you need to follow the fishing spot rules and regulations like fishing license, permits, catch limit, etc.


Which Type of Fish You Need to Target

As a beginner angler maybe you are thinking about which type of fish you need to target. As a beginner, if you think most of the fish you can handle easily, for the first time many types of fish handling and catching it’s very difficult. This type of fish like Bass fish, Catfish, Panfish, Trout fish.


Best Types of Fishing Lures

You can start with natural baits or artificial bait. If you choose natural bait it’s will be appropriate for you. And, you have to be a lot of size lures and bait in your tackle box and try to catch a different type of fish.


Where You Can Find Fish

Always one thing you need to remember that’s Fish is usually found naturally in the water And artificial structures like to hide both.

For river fishing, you need to target some area like, Which breaks or slows down and fast-moving the currents it’s such as boulder formations or slow current. It’s very important for the weather, water, and temperature.


How to Catch Your First Fish

If you don’t know how to catch your first fish importantly you need to follow these steps casting, hooking, landing. If you can follow these steps properly easily you can catch any type of fishing.


How to Cast

First of all, you need to learn how to catch fish and then you need to learn about how to cast. As a beginner Fish catching every technique you need to practice, you can practice your home backyard or neighborhood pond or lake.

how to casting

How to Cast Spinning Reels

Relatively low cost and due to easy maintenance spin cast reel is very popular and most of the beginner use spincast reel for practice.

If you use a spin cast reel you can do casting the easiest way and in a short time, you will become a master of fishing.

But the spin cast reel not like an open-face spinning reel, Because the spin cast reels are designed to reduce tangles, The line comes attached to plastic housings, and the spin cast reel less powerful than open-face spinning reels.

And the spin cast reel’s big advantage is for fish caught can be used for both light and heavy dairy types without breaking your fishing line.

Step 1: In casting the first step you need to hold the fishing rod at waist level, you need to grasp the reel and the reel will be at the bottom of the rod. The stem of the rail should be placed between your fingers and the bait or lure you should hang 10 to 18 inches below the rod.

Step 2: Connect the hook with your fishing line and then you need to continue to hold the line.

Step 3: You need to pull the tip of the fishing rod, For The tip rises above your dominant shoulder and then you need to move it forward by quickly pointing the tip of the fishing rod at your target. As soon as the rod comes in front of your shoulder, Now you need to leave the line with your finger so that the weight of greed closes the reel.

Step 4: Now you need to close bail with your hands and you prepare the reel using a recovery strategy.

How to Cast Baitcaster Reels

Baitcasting it’s one kind of reel casting style, Which depends on the weight of the lure to extend the line in the target area.

The topside of the rod Baitcasting involves and you are in exactly the same structures where your meals are fed and hanging on to these popular saltwater rails is where your delirium will be thrown at the target.

Step 1: In Baitcasting the first step you need to hold the fishing rod at waist level, Hold it so that the reel is on top of the rod. Now bait or lure you need hanging 8 to 10 inches below the tip of the rod.

Step 2: Now you need to prevent your thumb from blocking, Now Press the button to attach the reel to the free spool while holding it against the spool.

Step 3: You need to pull the tip of the rod, For The tip rises above your dominant shoulder and then you need to move it forward by quickly pointing the tip of the rod at your target.

Step 4: As soon as the rod on your shoulder comes forward, Let your thumb very close to the spool, so that the lure can pull the line from the reel.

Step 5: As the lure spreads in the water, So now you need to Place the thumb under the spool.

Step 6: For the anti-reverse involve, Now you need to Reel once or twice and it will ready for fishing.


You need to be very careful and The fish does not break the line by being tempted or trying to escape. If you understand the fish a little bit bite you need to take two or three-second time it’s for the hook set perfectly in the fish mouth.

When the hook is perfectly set, then you need to Play the fish from the hook. If the fish weighs more then you need to hold on to the tip of the rod to avoid breaking the line.



When the fish are very tired after the fighting then you can do gently reel the fish and next you can do scoop it. Again if you want to release the fish then don’t touch the fish I hope your first fish-catching memory will be remembered for life.


Type Of Fishing

How to start fishing? the first step you need to know details about the type of fishing and then start fishing for the first time.

They’re Lot of fishing advantage available in National Parks. If you are a beginner fisherman you need to follow some rules and regulations in National Parks.

If you have a plan to go lake fishing, you need a valid Fishing License, Fishing Gear, and you have to be very careful if you’re going alone for lake fishing.


Freshwater Fishing

In freshwater fishing, you can do it you’re nearby a river or lake. Every beginner fisherman first time should try fishing in Freshwater. Don’t try for the first time in Saltwater.

freshwater fishing for beginners

Freshwater Fishing first of all you need to arrange a lot of things like a fishing rod, reel, bait, bait bag. In freshwater fishing you need to choose the perfect size bait otherwise your time will be wasted.

For freshwater fishing first of all you need to flow some rules and regulations. Must be you have a fishing license otherwise the lake or river author catches a fine. Don’t go fishing without a fishing license.


Saltwater Fishing

Before Saltwater Fishing you need to choose powerful fishing gear. Because Saltwater fish are very big, especially the fishing rod and fishing line you need to select in high quality.

Saltwater fishing

Saltwater fishing gives you different types of experience, If you don’t have any skill in Saltwater Fishing you need to practice more and more.


Kayak Fishing

As a beginner fisherman if you have a boat then Kayak Fishing will be one of the best fishing experiences.

kayak fishing for beginner

Kayak price is very cheap, Kayak fishing you can gain a new experience in your fishing life. And Kayak is very lightweight you can take it very easily.

Internationally kayak fishing so much popular, if you do kayak fishing you’ll be able to catch a wide range of sport fish.


Rock Fishing

Rock fishing you can do in the sea. Rock fishing is very popular in New Zealand and Australia. Rock fishing a little bit dangerous According to Surf Life Saving Australia.

Rock fishing austrolia

Coast of Australia 94 man drownings and 12 man death. Randwick Council In Sydney NSW Australia in national black spot death 10 men for Rock fishing. if you are a beginner first of you need to be understood about Rock fishing otherwise don’t try it.


Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing you need to use a very lightweight lure. If you want to use an artificial lure, you have to be a fly rod, reel, and specialized weighted line. Fly Fishing required a lightweight lure, and a fly rod.


Surf Fishing

Surf Fishing does not include casting a bait and lure. Surf fishing refers to any type of shore fishing. especially the surfcasting and beach casting refers to surf fishing.


Ice Fishing

Ice fishing everything is just practice. winter season if you love to do fishing, the ice fishing is perfect for you. When you will go for ice fishing, it gives you a completely different type of experience.


Urban Fishing

Urban fishing this is a recreational fishing, Mainly urban fishing place such as inner cities. United States Government started the urban fishing program in 1969. First of all, launched six cities’ urban fishing program.


Paddle Board Fishing

Paddle Board Fishing is not perfect for everyone. If you don’t have any Paddle Board Fishing experience, you can watch the Paddle Board Fishing series video. Paddle Board Fishing gives you ultimate versatility.


Canoe For Fishing

Traveling light is very important when we use the canoe for fishing. If you use the canoe you can set up two lures. And you can catch a wide range of fish.


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Fishing Gear and Equipment

If you are a beginner fisherman, you need to learn everything about fishing, and then you can choose your perfect fishing gear otherwise you can do some mistakes.

The first time, For your hobby you need to invest some money for fishing gear. Don’t worry it’s inexpensive. always first time keeps it simple for fishing gear and equipment.

What type of fish you want to catch depends on you. Many types of fish available for the catch, you can select your fishing gear easily for your plan.

I will describe every fishing gear and equipment you just read with your mind and select your best fishing gear and equipment. And start fishing.

Fishing Gear and Equipment list

Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod it’s one of the most important fishing tools. Basically, the Fishing rod will be long length, type of action. The fishing rod terms of length and the rod range you can select between 5 to 15 feet.

best fishing rod for beginner

At first, you need to know freshwater vs saltwater, which fishing rod range perfect for you, and which fish you targeted it’s dependent on you.

For beginner fishermen very important tips for choosing fishing rods, you need to choose very light and minimum size 5 to 7 feet, if you choose this type of rod you can tackle it very well. The medium or small size fish you can catch easily.

For the ideal fishing rod, you need to consider the Fishing Rod Action and Fishing Rod Length.


Fishing Rod Action

Mainly the fishing rod action refers to flexibility. it’s How long can Rod bend that’s indicated. If you use a fast fishing action rod you can understand quickly sense even with the smallest bites.

But this type of rod can’t tackle the big fish. The Slower action rods advantage is you can tackle it simply and you can catch big size fish.


Fishing Rod Length

Fishing rod length depends on your fishing spot and the type of fishing. For a beginner, I suggest you 5 to 7 feet length rod you can choose for freshwater fishing.

And if want to do casting you need to select between 10 to 15 feet, and if you casting alone for shore fishing you should choose short-range fishing rod-like 6 to 7 feet.


Fishing Reels

Many types of fishing reels available on the market, First of all, you need to understand the type of fishing reels, it’s not difficult to choose the fishing reels.

best fishing reels for beginners

When you visit your local market you will get several variations of fishing reels like surf fishing reels and trolling fishing reels.

Basically, Four types of fishing reels you will get for fish catches so if you are confused about how to choose the best fishing reels.

The fishing reels listed below and which fishing reels perfect for you? you can choose your best fishing reels easily.

The list of Fishing Reels:

Spincast reels

Spinning reels

Baitcaster reels

Fly reels


How to choose the best fishing reels?

If you are a beginner fisherman and you want to fish in the freshwater area the Spincast Reels and Fly Reels perfect for you.

If you are an expert fisherman and want to fish in the saltwater area then Spinning Reels and Baitcaster Reels perfect for you.


How to match the fishing reels to your rod

When you want to buy the fishing reels, you need to check very carefully the several fishing reels in different sizes like the fishing reels size is 100, 200, 400.

So if you want to fish for larger or stronger fish you will need the larger fishing reels and the larger fishing reels advantage is it can produce more drag force, it helps you a lot for fish catching.


Baitcasting Reels

The Baitcasting Fishing Reels is very challenging and it’s not perfect for beginners fisherman. So if you have a lot of experience and if you are an expert then the Baitcasting Fishing Reels are perfect for you. Especially Baitcasting Fishing Reels for saltwater fishing.


Spinning Reels

If you are using spinning reels it will make it very easy to cast long-distance fish. The spinning reels’ most advantage is any kind of fisherman like a beginner or experienced can use it.

If you are using a spinning reel it’s very convenient because you can catch both areas fishing. When you go freshwater area then you can use it, and if you in the saltwater area then you can use it.


Spincast Reels

The spin cast reels are very simple and the spin-cast reel is perfect for beginner fishermen. If you are a beginner for the first time fish catch starting, spin-cast reels you can try it.

For the first time if you didn’t invest more money then the spin-cast reels are better for you because the spin-cast reels are very inexpensive.

Baits And Lures

Every time if you have to use the fishing lure maybe you know how effective the lure. If you use a fishing lure it’s one kind of artificial fishing bait, this type of bait very attractive for fish.

Many types of size and color you will get in your local market, designing lure attract to the fish. Always didn’t use the live bait for fish catching. Most people like artificial bait or lures, Because the bait reduces the chances to get gut hooked.


Fishing Hooks

There are many types of fishing hooks you will get from the market. First of all, you need to know which fish you target. Suppose you target small size fishing you need to choose small size hook.

fishing hook

And if you targeted bigger size fish then you need to choose the bigger size hook otherwise if you don’t match the fishing hook and fish you can’t catch fish.


Tackle Box

If you are a beginner or experienced fisherman, always you need to take every fishing trip the fishing tackle box. you can keep your fishing tools, lures, hook, line, bobbers, sinker, and everything.

fishing tackle box

if don’t have a tackle box must be you need to buy it, Because when you go on a fishing trip you are will be exciting and then if you forget to take fishing gear, for this mistake your fishing trip will be incomplete.


Fishing Line

You need to buy the best fishing line, If you choose the wrong fishing line then it will be very hard for the fish to catch.

When you targeting the fish before must be you need to know which fishing line recommend for your targeting fish.

Here a list of the fishing line:



Braided Line


Monofilament fishing line

If you are a beginner angler Monofilament fishing line is perfect for you. And the Monofilament fishing line is very inexpensive the first time you don’t need to spend more money.


Fluorocarbon fishing line

The Fluorocarbon fishing line is very expensive and if you are a beginner angler you don’t need the Fluorocarbon fishing line. The Monofilament fishing line is perfect for you. And if you are an experienced angler you can try it.


Braided Line

The Braided Line is a very strong line and it’s perfect for experienced anglers. If you want to plan submerged structures and weeds area this type of line perfect for you.


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The Bottom Line

If you are scared about how to start fishing? don’t worry the fishing is not something difficult, just you need to learn about the fishing first step and then you need to practice step by step, one day you will be a fishing master and no one can win the competition by fishing with you.

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