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How To Speed Up Computer Windows 10
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2. Task ManagerĀ  Startup Computer Slow

Mainly you need to do Disable many Startup ProgramsĀ that you’re not using sometimes. This technique you can use very easily. You need to use KeyBoard Shortcut just press “Ctrl+Shift+Escape” for Task Manager StartupĀ Open.

Next, you need to go Startup Tab and this Program tells you which Program has the highest impact. If you know, don’t use a program just right click and then you need to do Disable.

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If you are not sure what a program is at all It might not be the best to disable it because Then you do disabling something that’s kind of important.

But if you recognize a program and you’re like, “oh I never use that” Then you can do Disable. If you do it Big Performance Increase.

Because it not only will it speed up the startup of your computer. Then it reduces the number of things might are running in the Background.

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