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How To Speed Up Computer Windows 10
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A lot of friends ask me about How To Speed Up Computer Windows 10. So in this article, I’m gonna share with you “Top 15 Tips How To Speed Up Computer Windows 10” 

Specific some tips you can try that may speed up your windows 10 operating system computer. Now nothing upgrade your hardware. But if you have lower parts of the computer these tips I hope to help you.

If you have High-Quality Gaming Computer you need just Upgrade. And still running slow it’s another issue that these probably not help.


1. Adjust Your Windows Performance

If you have a low-end computer, or an old one, or like old laptop one and that is to turn off visual effects in windows. You need to go Windows 10 search bar left side.

And then just type Performance Then click on “Adjust the appearance and performance of windows” and then check “Adjust for best performance” and then click Apply next click on ok.

how to speed up computer windows 10

how to speed up computer windows 10 2

So Windows probably will look a little bit uglier, but it may seem a little bit snappier because you are not like waiting for animations and stuff like that.

Again these tips for very low-end hardware with very low graphics power. And this could make a difference for your computer. And if you have High quality powered computer, it probably not make a huge difference.

Maybe just prefer windows to look nicer when you are using it and not choose this.

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