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how to set magnetic brake on baitcaster
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Today we are talking about how to set magnetic brake on baitcaster, If you don’t know how to set the magnetic brake on baitcaster properly, just follow our guide carefully step by step we hope you can adjust the magnetic brake on your baitcaster reel easily.

First of all, you need to know, Why you need to set up a magnetic brake on baitcaster, and What is the job of a magnetic brake on a baitcaster reel. The braking system is working the Prevent frequent terrible backlash tangles when using the baitcaster reel.

These horrible entanglements occur Then if the lure and line do not go underwater, Due to the bait weight while dragging with the rod, That’s when the big bird’s nest-like garbage.

The speed of the spool is reduced as the work of the brakes approaches the end of the cast. When the water hits the lure, Then the spool should be pulled more, And once it is tempted on the water, it limits the amount of line.

Something to note is that brakes and spool tension are two separate components, If that baitcaster reels and works in a slightly different way, the ultimate goal of both is to reduce Birdnesting.

The spool tension will apply regular pressure on the spool while engaging. Determines how you want to trim the line from the reel, You are able to adjust the settings.

When the baitcasting reel brakes pressure will start to apply towards the end, and When the spool starts to slow down, Gradually the pressure increases.


Baitcasting Basics

Baitcasting reels use a free-spinning spool, Which provides the line in terms of travel. It reduces memory, especially with larger lines.

Additionally, this allows them to cast more with fewer lines in the spool and These are great drag systems, Which are usually controlled by a large, star-shaped wheel behind the handle.

how to set magnetic brake on baitcaster

They are made for heavier lines and larger fish and Expect strongly drawn weights. To cast the baitcasting reel, You place your thumb directly above the spool And Free the spool by frustrating the thumb bar and load the road. When you release your thumb, The spool will then rotate, providing a line under the guides.


Secure Line to the Spool

Secure Line to the Spool it’s simple and easy, You need a good quality line for the spool and You have to line up with the spool. Uni’s knot is perfect for you because it is very secure.


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Feed Line to the Spool

The first step in setting up a baitcasting reel is, Run your line from the rod through the line guide. The idea is to line up with the spool, Basically the opposite of what happens when you cast.


Setting Spool Tension

The Spool tension knob is the small dial on the side plate. Usually, the handle and the drug are on the same side as the tar. Adjusting the rules in this way is the first step in setting up the reel.

First, hold the rod for 2 hours, And keep your temptation up until the 8-10 inch line comes out. Now you need to turn up the spool tension knob So that you feel some slight pressure.

Then press the thumb bar and then release the lure. Your lure should diminish very slowly, Then you gently release the pressure until the lure starts to fall on its own. Now you need to Reel up And do it again if your lure doesn’t slowly fall to the ground in 2 or 3 seconds.


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Set The Drag

Setting your pull is as important as it is easy, The best way is to use scale And set your pull to 6 to 8, a measure of the line-rated test. Tying to the scale in line and until it came to the right weight, You do this by gradually increasing the drag settings.


Type Of  Brake System

Basically three types of braking systems you will get in your baitcaster reel.  The braking system is:

  • Centrifugal Brakes
  • Magnetic Brakes
  • Manual Brake

Centrifugal Braking System 

Concentrated brakes only work during the first part of the cast, Think about what happens when you cast, Use your rod and lure a lot of weight towards the target, and slingshot the line.


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Your cool will instantly start spinning at high speed as your cast moves your bait farther. If your spool is rotating the lure at a higher rate. However, your line will become loose in the reel And you end up with a backlash.

Some reels will have an external dial on the side plate, like a magnetic braking system. The more you turn on the dial, The more brake pads come in, the more pressure will be applied to the brake ring, So it will slow down faster.

Another reel centrifugal braking system settings will be internal, So every time you want to adjust them, Then you need to remove the side plate.


Magnetic Braking System 

Magnetic brakes are a little easier to understand and adjust. To adjust the brake power of this brake system, The reel uses a dial on the outside of the side plate. Abu Garcia and Diva typically use magnetic braking systems.

The dial can read MIN and Max, From 1 to 10 the beginner and fisherman can start from high, Such as 70 to 80%. After a lot of practice, you are dialing it in at 20 or 30%.


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Manual Braking System 

A manual braking system is very important for every angler and every angler should learn how to use a baitcaster reel properly and how to do manually brake a baitcaster.

Where you throw and if you keep your lure in the air and When you start to apply some pressure, Spread the line lightly with your thumb and Then once lure pressed on the water.

You need to press hardly the spool with your thumb So that it stops cutting immediately and no more lines are published.


Hybrid Brake

Hybrid brake systems are basically what the name implies, It is a combination of technology found in both centrifugal and magnetic brake systems.

Adjustment shots are pretty much done. Although you are new to using each of these types of reels, And you should be set at the bottom.


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Once you have made the necessary adjustments to the braking system, Set the external brake by turning the brake handle clockwise. Then, place the reel in the free school, And relax the brake until the lure slowly begins to fall to the ground.



If you follow our guide carefully about how to set magnetic brake on baitcaster, we hope you can adjust properly your baitcaster brakes. If you do not set up baitcaster brakes may your fishing line will be birdnesting.

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