How To Set Magnetic Brake On Baitcaster | JournalPressAdventure

Today talking about how to set magnetic brake on baitcaster, If you don’t know how to set the magnetic brake on baitcaster properly follow carefully step by step I hope you can adjust the magnetic brake on your baitcaster reel.

First of all, you need to know, Why you need to set up a magnetic brake on baitcaster, and What is the job of a magnetic brake on a baitcaster reel. The braking system is working the Prevent frequent terrible backlash tangles when using the baitcaster reel.

These horrible entanglements occur Then if the lure and line do not go underwater, Due to the bait weight while dragging with the rod, That’s when the big bird’s nest-like garbage.

The speed of the spool is reduced as the work of the brakes approaches the end of the cast. When the water hits the lure, Then the spool should be pulled more, And once it is tempted on the water, it limits the amount of line.

Something to note is that brakes and spool tension are two separate components, If that baitcaster reels and works in a slightly different way, the ultimate goal of both is to reduce Birdnesting.

The spool tension will apply regular pressure on the spool while engaging. Determines how you want to trim the line from the reel, You are able to adjust the settings.

When the bichasting relay brakes, the pressure will start to apply towards the end, and When the spool starts to slow down, Gradually the pressure increases.