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how to set magnetic brake on baitcaster
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If you don’t know how to cast a baitcaster without birdnesting, So in this blog post I’m sharing with you about baitcaster without birdnesting some tips.

A baitcasting reel is a nice addition to your fishing kit, especially have some significant type of lure. Many fishermen for the formation of the birdnesting or backlash Hesitant to use the baitcasting reel, because of their pants. If you follow the guide you can overcome without any problems.

For the bytecaster control, How you can adjust the setting for the baitcaster, You have to a piece of proper knowledge about it.

What Is Birdnesting?

When you press the Thumbs tab in Baitcaster then it puts the spool in free spin mode. The free spin mode allows it then you can cast with your lure. The lure when you hit in the water the lure goes slowly underwater.

When this happens with the line then it nowhere to go then your fishing line will be messy. This is basically known as backlash/birdnesting. Everyone knows it by two names like backlash/birdnesting and the result of both are almost the same.


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How a Baitcaster Reel Works

First of all, a rotating spool must be used to adjust the length of a baitcaster line. When you throw a line the reel spool rotates forward, The line extends outwards. How fast you threw in the line the lure will determine the speed of your spool spin.

How To Cast a Baitcaster Without Birdnesting

If the line hits the water once the spool continues to spin. However, it will have too many extra lines, This is often caused by a horrible knot called a birdnest and backlash in general.


How To Cast a Baitcaster Without Birdnesting?

To prevent the reaction in baitcaster, You need to learn how to reduce spool rotation during casting, So that it never leaves too many lines when pulled by the lure.


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Fishing Line 

Always you need to choose the right fishing line, The perfect fishing line can make it easier to untangle a bird’s nest. With a braided line getting backlash can be very easy.



If you choose heavy lures your baitcasting reels work really well. When starting to use a baitcaster choose heavy greed like huge swimsuits or big crankbaits.

You will react like crazy If you start with a light bait. Because the light lure may not be able to hold the reel and pull the line out very quickly. So always starting with a heavy lure will not be this problem.


Don’t Cast Into The Wind

Don’t cast into the wind because your lure will slow down and Your reel will not and The results will be birdnesting. Wind time you can start against the wind. When you gain more experience then you can start throwing in the wind.


Braking System 

Most of the baitcasting reels have an adjustable braking system. If you want to adjust as like you, You can be adjusted by a knot located on the outer part of the reel. If you use it properly then it’s can help protect from backlash.


Fishing Rod

If you choose a shorter fishing rod you can control it easily. You can choose a medium-size fishing rod, This will help you create a cast with less backlash.


Spool Tension

The spool is in close relation to the braking system. If you set the spool tension high or too low it can be a reason for the backlash.

When you start casting you need to make sure the spool tension is set just right. If you don’t want to the lure fall down too fast or slow, The spool tension you can set what you want.


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Use a line conditioner

Maybe you know using a line conditioner can increase the distance of your casting, But it can be very effective in reducing the number of backlashes.

What is a line conditioner and how does it work?

Line conditioner basically it’s a lubricant for your fishing line. The lubricants help to get out of the reel with less friction.



Many types of fishing reel you will get on the market. Most of the inexpensive reel your fishing line safe from backlashing.


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Always Practicing 

Always you need to practice more and more, Until you can casting properly you need practice in your home backyard.


How To Apply Line Conditioner

First, spray the spool while bringing it to the line, This can be done by making the first long cast, Then first you need to spray the spool. If you want the best performance then you need to do this the night before fishing. If you do this night before fishing.


Apply Your Spool And Reel

If you don’t know how to cast a baitcaster, First of all, you need to learn and practicing. Before your fishing trip, you need to apply the line conditioner. And you can see practically how to adjust your baitcaster and how to cast.



If you don’t know how to cast a baitcaster without birdnesting, If you follow carefully step by step this article hopes you will be released from the birdnesting.

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