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Fishing In The Ocean From Shore
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Today we talk about how to fishing in the ocean from the shore, If you don’t know about ocean fishing from shore, read our article hope you can achieve a better experience from this article.

For ocean fishing, if you don’t have the budget for the boat, Don’t worry you fulfill your hobby from shore. Because Most of the gulf have beaches, So you can do fishing without a boat from shore. Just you need some basic fishing equipment then you can do it easily.


Ocean Fishing Equipment From my 2 years of fishing experience, I will suggest to you the best ocean fishing equipment.

Fishing Rod

Fishing Reel

Tackle Box

Fishing Lure

Fishing Hook

Fishing Rod

First of all, you need to think about what type of fish you want to catch, Then you can choose easily your best fishing rod.

If you don’t have a piece of knowledge about the fishing rod and If you want to buy from a local shop you can ask them about what type of fish you want catching and then they are choosing for your best fishing rod. And if you purchase online first of all you need to check the product review.


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For shore fishing, 6ft to 15ft fishing rod is perfect for shore fishing And it depends on which place you choose and which fish you target.

If you target spinning and float fishing 7ft to 9ft fishing rod is perfect for both. And you can also use it for featuring, From my fishing experience, I wouldn’t be recommended it for you.

You can use a 10-foot fishing rod for feathering. For ocean fishing, you can choose 12ft to 15ft beach caster rods with a decent multiplier reel especially when you fishing rocky seabeds.

Fishing In The Ocean From Shore

How To Buying a Best Fishing Rod?

In your local area if you get a fishing gear store, If you are a beginner then you need to ask them about your fishing plan and they give you the best fishing rod.

If you want to purchase online, First of all, you need to read the review then you can decide which fishing rod perfect for you. When you purchasing a fishing rod must be you need to follow a few things.


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First of all, you need to check the fishing rod and reel weight and It’s depends on you, What type of fishing rod and reel weight you can handle, Especially If you purchase the rod you need to know, what type of fish you can catch.


Which Time Is Best For Shore Fishing?

It actually depends on what type of fish you target, and Dawn and dusk are usually pretty much good for all-round times. For daytime fishing, the rising tide and high tide are usually the best times for most fish.


Fishing Reel

Basically, two types of the fishing reel are perfect for you and the two types of the reel are multipliers and fixed spool. If you are a beginner fisherman from my experience the multipliers reel are not perfect for you, Because of the multiplier reel create some problem, If you face the problem it will be a very bad fishing experience for you.


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The multipliers problem is when you fishing the fishing line most of the time will be birdnesting, This can happen when your fishing line hits underwater. If your beginner then this problem you don’t face with a fixed spool and I think the fixed spool is best for you.


Difference Between Two Reels


If you are a pro angler then the Multiplier reel is better for you. The longer distance you can cast easily. When you using a heavy lure the multiplier reel is perfect.

Especially when you target bigger fish, you can fight easily then the multiplier reel helps you a lot. Multiplier negative side is when you use the lighter line and lure, It can be birdnesting and if you are a beginner angler you can’t use it easily.


Fixed Spool

First of all, it’s perfect for you if you are a beginner angler. If you use lighter lines and lure the fixed spool is better. The fixed spool is better for night fishing and sandy bottom fishing and Better for floats, feathering, and spinning.

The fixed spool negative side is, Not good for heavy lines and lures. The main problem is when you targeting big fish then it’s not good. The fixed spool is not good for long-distance casting, and It’s Not as good with difficult grounds.


Which Fishing Line Perfect For Your Reel

You can use a braided line it’s very useful for shore fishing. Otherwise, you can choose Mono Line for your spool, It can be a better choice for ocean fishing.

Most of the anglers use a 10lb to 15lb fishing line. First of all, you need to check reels’ requirements. If you follow the reel instructions you can choose easily the fishing line.


Tackle Box

The tackle box is very important for you, Always you need to keep half water and bait or bucket. On a hot, sunless day, the fish dries up, If you put a bucket of them in the seawater, it practically eliminates it.


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What You Need To Keep In Your Tackle Box

When you start fishing, Always you need to keep this type of equipment in your tackle box. At first, you need to keep two or three types of fishing hook and two floats. A sharp knife and long-nosed plier or disgorger, and Always you need to keep bait and good quality spare line.


Fishing Hook

Most people are confused about choosing a fishing hook. They are thinking bigger hooks means bigger fish it’s not true. Bigger hooks only you can use for ocean fishing and you need to target big fish.

Again if you are confused about choosing a fishing hook, You can ask your local fishing store about what type of fish you want to catch then they are select for your targeted fish compatible fishing hook. If you do not ask, do not expect the best results when you go fishing.

Circle hooks are becoming very popular Because they virtually remove the need to strike. These hooks as soon as the bait is taken designed to hook fish.


Fishing Lure

Especially for ocean fishing, you will get the fishing lure and bait in your local market, If you purchase the right lure and bait the fish can easily eat naturally and you can catch more fish. In ocean fishing, you can use three types of lures array, strip, and chunk. Also, you take some advice from pro anglers, Which lure perfect for you they are select the best lure/bait for you.


Fishing Line

Always you need to purchase high-quality fishing line Because the lines will be torn in contact with the sun and saltwater.


Beach Fishing Tripods

If you invest in a tripod for your fishing rod, I think it’s important for beach fishing. Some tripods have extended legs, And I like these types of tripods.

Because I can connect things with tripods And can still get good clearance from the ground. After both my rods came out I started using downtime to make more rigs while waiting for a bite.

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