Fabio Quartararo test
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The 2021 MotoGP world champion Fabio Quartararo tested for a 2023 new Yamaha engine and new chassis on Tuesday at Misano World Circuit.

For the 2023 season the new engine performance has been awesome 👍. And Yamaha Racing assurances that they will finally address the issue is a crucial factor in convincing Fabio Quartararo to re-sign for 2023 & 2024.

Fabio Quartararo also said “Today we had 3 bikes 1 was the standard bike, 1 with a new chassis, and 1 with the first prototype 2023 engine”.

“Even The first steps with the new 2023 bike performance was good. It works pretty well for me in the areas of acceleration and top speed, so I’m happy. Considering that this is just the first step, Qurtararo waiting for the next engine improvement.”

Fabio Qurtararo Use The New chassis at Aragon?

According to MotoGP rules, Fabio Quartararo cannot use any of the latest engines for the 2022 season.

The problem is Bagnaia’s win 4 race streak taking him to within 30-points of the champion, the new engine & chassis can help for Fabio Quartararo with a well-needed boost for the remainder of the 2022 season.

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