CoronaVirus Death in China The Procession Continued | CoronaVirus Update

The number of dead is increasing day by day. On Saturday, six more died of the disease. The total number of victims has increased to 1,220. Huer special team will go to investigate the coronavirus virus.

The most common malignant virus is a coronavirus, and 5 more have been infected this day. Huer special team is scheduled to leave for Wuhan on Saturday.

CoronaVirus Update

CoronaVirus Update

Saturday, reported from the China Health Office. A total of 6 deaths were reported in different parts of the province.

Hundreds of people have been found in more than 20 countries outside of China. China’s death toll rises to 8 The death toll in Japan has risen to 8 Coronavirus has already been found in Iran. Coronavirus updates are very dangerous.

There have been reports of two deaths in the outbreak of the Maran virus. Towards this end, China is relying on a new approach to test for coronavirus infection.

They changed the method of determining the infection for the second time in a week. This has definitely changed the definition of coronavirus infection. And as a result, the Coronavirus epilepsy has reduced the incidence of new infections in Hubei province, experts say.