What is cancer

What is cancer

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Group of diseases related to cancer uncontrolled cell division. The death rate in this disease is very high until now. Because cancer is not easily diagnosed in the initial stage, it is not possible to get good treatment at the end-stage.

In fact, no drug has been discovered to be fully effective in the treatment of cancer so far. Various medical methods are used to cure cancer. However, the likelihood of the cure of the disease increases significantly if caught early.

There are more than 20 types of cancer. Every cancer is different and their treatment system is different. There is currently a lot of research on cancer and a lot of new information is available.


What is cancer


What is cancer?

All the organisms of the world are made up of numerous small cells. These cells die over a period of time. New cells come in place of these old cells. Generally, the cells give birth to new cells in a controlled and systematic way.

Generally speaking, when these cells continue to grow uncontrollably for some reason, the flesh or wheels appear under the skin. This is called a tumor. This tumor can be benign or malignant.

Malignant tumors are called cancer. In detail, neoplasia is a growing organism that is uncontrollable, and cells with similar actions are called neoplastic cells.

If the neoplastic cells are unable to penetrate the surrounding tissue, it is called a benign or benign tumor. Benign tumors are not cancerous.

Neoplasia is a malignant tumor or cancer, and its uncontrollable dividing divider cells are called cancer cells when they have the ability to dissect bananas.

Many cancers begin as benign tumors, after which some of their cells become transformed and become malignant. But there is no certainty that benign tumors will turn into cancer.

There are some benign tumor-like disorders that are prone to cancer – they are called pre-cancerous. Although benign, meaning benign, the tumor can also damage the surrounding collar by pressure.

Metastasis is a stage of cancer, in which cancer cells penetrate other tissues and spread to the distal callus through the blood, lymphatic system, etc.

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