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Camping in the rain is no fun. It can soak your stuff, damage your electronics, and cause serious health issues. However, if you have the right gear and know what to do for camping in fishing time, you can turn this situation into a pleasantly memorable one.

You can then spend the night watching the thunderstorm as it rolls through the skies or listening to the sound of the rain as it patters against your rain fly.

So if the weather forecast for your camping trip looks a little drizzly, fear not, fellow campers. This article brings you 20 insider tricks and tips to prepare you for the rainy days.


Camping Tips For Beginners & 10 Tips to Make camping in the rain Easy to Handle

These tricks will help make your life easier when camping in the rain. Without further ado, let’s start right away!

Tip 1: Prepare for the rain

Check the weather forecast for the area. Remember, weather is often unpredictable in mountainous regions, so you should check the weather often. Even if the forecast predicts dry days ahead, you should prepare for the rain. Make sure your tent is super waterproof. If you are purchasing your first tent, go for a tent with a covered porch area. It comes really handy to dry off wet stuff.

Tip 2: Bring plastic bags…lots of them!

When preparing for the rain, don’t forget plastic bags. Get some Ziploc-style air-tight bags along with black garbage bags. They are very affordable and easy to pack. The garbage bags will help keep your pack and other outdoor equipment dry. You can also use them to prevent wet items from damaging everything else. Another great use for these big black bags is the storage of firewood. Once the storm is over, you can take out the dry timber to make a fire.


Tip 3: Don’t forget the Washington Post

Newspaper is another excellent piece of cheap gear. It is particularly useful in wet weather conditions. You can place the dry newspaper inside your wet shoes or wet clothes to speed up the drying. The dry newspaper sucks out all the moisture easily. Moreover, you can utilize the newspaper for starting a campfire if you cannot find anything else. So, if you love The Washington post, there’s no place better place for it than the middle of the woods.

Tip 4: Keep your tent high and dry

Never… and we repeat, never set up your tent in a geographically low-lying area. Sure, the bottom of a slope can be a little tempting because it’s mostly clear and relatively flat, making the camp set up a breeze. But, when it rains, it will be the first place to invite the water. Therefore, keep your tent high. Place it at the top of a slope if possible. Such a place will be a little hard to find, but it can save you from the trouble when it rains.


Tip 5: Use a heavy-duty waterproof Tarp Under your tent

When setting up a tent, always remember that the flood is from below, not above. One great way to prevent flooding is by using a heavy-duty waterproof tarp under your tent. Furthermore, ensure that no part of the tarp underneath your tent extends outside. If there’s even a small piece of tarp sticking out from the tent, the rain will roll underneath and soak up the tent floor. You can also pack an extra groundsheet for extra protection. We recommend a thick plastic sheet that most construction workers use.

Tip 6: Don’t let anything touch the sides of your tent

You have to keep everything away from the walls of your tent. Yes, this includes your sleeping bags as well. It’s a tent, not your room, after all. If your sleeping bag or any other stuff is touching the walls and it rains, you will invite moisture. So the chances are you will end up with a soggy tent and lots of moisture.

Tip 7: Keep the insides breezy

When you set up your tent, make sure there is enough ventilation. Letting the air out prevents any condensation in case of a rainstorm. Even the smallest condensation can lead to a damp tent, making your night colder than it already is. So, try to keep your tent breezy. The circulating fresh air will keep humidity out and prevent making the weather worse for you.

Tip 8: Cotton clothes are a big No-No

Cotton clothes can get damp and refuse to dry even when it’s not raining – if you are traveling in humid weather conditions. On a rainy day, Cotton clothes are even worse. If you get them dry, they will take a lifetime to dry. They will leave you wet and cold far longer than their simple synthetic alternatives. Therefore, bring some lightweight clothing along instead of cotton. Nylon and other synthetic materials are designed specifically to wick any moisture away and keep you dry.


Tip 9: Always cook outside, Eat Inside

It doesn’t matter if it’s raining cats and dogs; never cook inside your tent. You can always bring an extra windshield to protect the gas stove and cook whatever you want under the canopy. But, cooking inside is a big fire hazard. The strong winds during a rainstorm can really start a fire anywhere in your tent.

Tip 10: Have Your Rain Jacket, Waterproof Shoes, and Rain Pants Ready

There’s nothing worse than getting your clothes, shoes, and pants soaked through and through. This situation is very easy to avoid if you bring a rain jacket, waterproof shoes, and rain pants along. As soon as you notice a rainstorm is brewing, stop whatever you are doing and quickly put you the waterproof clothes. Oh, and don’t forget the waterproof shoes. Sure, they can be a bit more expensive than normal shoes, but if you have ever had the misfortune of hiking with water-soaked feet, you will understand that spending extra money is worth everything.


So, that’s all. Camping in the rain doesn’t have to be problematic. If you follow the tips above, you will definitely remain dry and comfortable during the storm. What’s more, you can even build yourself a campfire and enjoy the thunder and pitter-patter of the rain. Storms can be beautiful too. So, just sit back. Relax and enjoy your outdoor adventure!


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