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4 Best Fishing Boat For Beginners | JournalPressAdventure 1
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If you are a beginner angler and looking for the best fishing boat for beginners? in this guide we talking about the top 4 best fishing boats.

Just a few reasons people want to do fishing in a boat like you will get fresh air, family bonding time, and stress relief. If you invest for a fishing boat the fresh air, family bonding time, and stress relief this type of advantage provide you ultimate fishing experience.

Then you can understand, your fishing boat purchasing decision was good. If you like to do saltwater fishing, then if you use a fishing boat, then saltwater fishing will be very easy for you.


Best Fishing Boat List For Beginners

If you are don’t want to read the full article? for this reason, we created a list for you about the top 4 Best Fishing Boat For Beginners and If you want to learn many things about the fishing boats? then you can go down and you can learn everything about the fishing boats.

Best Fishing Boat For Beginners

The Best Fishing Boat List For Beginners:

Best Fishing Boat For Beginners Reviews

In this Top 4 Best Fishing Boat For Beginners Reviews, after a lot of research we selected the Best Fishing Boat, If you follow our guide carefully, we hope you will find out your best fishing boat.


01. Intex Mariner 4 Inflatable Fishing Boat

 Intex Mariner Inflatable Boat reviews

Intex Recreation Corp. Is one of the most popular brands for a fishing boat. Also, Intex distributes airbeds, toys, above ground pools, spas, furniture, mobile, and more. Intex brand on the market has more than 50 years history.

Intex brand always delivers the highest quality products at an affordable prices, and they’re all products designed for comfort, safety, and fun.

Some of the customers are proud of their outstanding merchandise and for the impeccable customer service. Intex brand vision for the most recognizable, trusted, and innovative brand worldwide.


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Intex Mariner 4 come with Rotational oar locks, Motor mount fittings, Includes repair patch, person capacity 4, 2 Boston valves on the main hull, 2 outer layers, All-around grab line and rub strake, Heavy-duty extruded plastic flooring, 2 fishing rod holders, 3 inflatable thwart seats, 1 gear pouch, 1 battery pouch, grab handle on both ends.

The Intex brand for the Mariner 4 inflatable boat provides you supreme strength and more durability with Super Tough PVC.

The Supreme strength and Super though PVC material is comprised of three separate layers, the two layers outer of heavy gauge PVC and laminated the inner layer of polyester mesh for extra reinforcement.

The Mariner 4 is a great boat for fishing, this boat through you can do fishing with your friends, this roomy Pro Series fishing boat Intex brand designed for three adults.

The Extra reinforcements provide you a keel rock guard with heavy-duty, and the extruded plastic flooring provides you stability and rigidity. The Inflating or deflating it’s a two boston valve for the main hull chamber.

Fishing and relaxing have never been easier with 2 built in fishing rod holders and a gear pouch, never will be easy for fishing and relaxing and the Intex brand also included the Motor mount fittings, battery pouch for the flexibility.

Intex brand also included two grab handles on each bow and an all-around grab line that’s provide you more comfortness.

Intex brand as well as included the oar holder, U.S. Coast Guard I.D, repair patch kit, rotational oar locks, two 54-in aluminum oars, and high-output pump. The high output pump is included for easy inflation and deflation.

If you are a beginner angler and looking for a premium quality fishing boat, the Mariner 4 will be one of the best fishing boats for beginner anglers.


  • Rotational oar locks.
  • Motor mount fittings.
  • Includes repair patch.
  • 4 person capacity.
  • 2 Boston valves on main hull.
  • 2 outer layers.
  • All-around grab line and rub strake.
  • Heavy-duty extruded plastic flooring.
  • 2 fishing rod holders.
  • 3 inflatable thwart seats.
  • 1 gear pouch.
  • 1 battery pouch.
  • Grab handle on both ends.
  • Four-person raft measures.
  • Made of Super-Tough laminated vinyl.
  • Inflatable keel for improved control and handling.
  • Three inflatable seat cushions for comfort and support.
  • All-around grab line and rock guard and grab handle.
  • Battery and gear pouches.
  • Certified by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA).
  • U.S.A Coast Guard I.D.
  • Includes inflatable seats.
  • 54-inch deluxe aluminum oars.
  • High-output manual hand pump.



  • Mariner 4 is not designed for a lot of rock impact or heavy rapid.
  • Intex brand says for the Mariner 4 carrying 4 adults, but the boat will be perfect for 3 adults.
  • The Aluminum oars could be more durable.


02. Intex Excursion Inflatable Fishing Boat

 Intex Excursion Inflatable Boat review

The Excursion 5 is one of the largest and most comfortable inflatable fishing boats and the Excursion 5 is one of the best selling boats of the Intex brand.

If you are looking for larger families fishing boats, the Excursion will be a great choice for you, also this is a portable fishing boat when you want to do saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing, you can comfortably move on your fishing place.

The Intex Excursion 5 12.5 feet in length and 5.5 feet wide, and this boat have an astonishing carrying capacity of 1,000 pounds.

The Intex Excursion 5 you can comfortably use with 3,4 adults and 2 kids with room for gear and any type of necessities. In this fishing boat possible to fit 5 adults on the raft, but you’ll be pushing the limits because then you don’t get any room for extra gear.


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As with all Intex products, they meet the strictest safety standards. Each inflatable is monitored closely during production to ensure that the highest quality of materials is used. The hull is made out of 30 gauge vinyl, which is very strong and will prevent most punctures.

For the Intex Excursion 5 Intex brand utilizes high-quality materials, and it is still affected by changes in temperature, Always keep in your mind which day you want to plan, the boat in the morning requires some additional extra pumps.

In this fishing boats Intex brand provide three separate air chambers. If your boat gets a punctured only one air chamber will be deflated.

For the Excursion 5 Intex brand provide you 4 fishing rod holders, two inflatable seats with backrests, oar locks, two aluminum oars, motor mount fitting, 360-degree grab line, 3 air chamber.

The Excursion 5 included motor mount fitting for the flexibility of adding a trolling motor and also included 2 grab handles on each bow and the all-around grab line Intex brand provided for your convenience.

The Intex brand for the Excursion 5 utilize heavy-duty, puncture resistant PVC for more comfort and durability with an inflatable I-beam floor for rigidity.

If you are looking for large and affordable price fishing boats the Excursion 5 can be the best fishing boat for you.

Also if you are a beginner angler and want to do fishing on a boat, the Excursion 5 will be the best fishing boat for beginner anglers.

Also in this fishing boat, you will get large space and inflatable seats this feature is really comfortable for beginner anglers.


  • 2 Inflatable Seats with backrests, cushions.
  • 4 built in fishing rod holders.
  • All-around Grab-line.
  • Grab Handle on the bow.
  • The Inflatable Floor.
  • Motor Mount Fitting.
  • Oar Locks and Oar Holders.
  • Boston Valves on the two main chambers.
  • Puncture resistant PVC.
  • 3 air chamber.
  • High-quality materials.
  • 2 aluminum oars.
  • 360-degree grab line.



  • Included Short paddles.
  • Tendency to drift away.
  • Low-quality plastic.



03. Intex Seahawk Inflatable Fishing Boat

Intex Seahawk Inflatable Boat review

If you want to do freshwater, lake, river fishing the Intex Seahawk 4 will be the best fishing boat for beginners. This boat is ideal for recreational boating or fishing on lakes and calm rivers.

Intex brand for the Seahawk 4 fishing boat provide 30-gauge PVC vinyl, 4 people easily fit, oars and an inflation pump, grab handle on the bow, oar holders, gear pouch, and U.S. Coast Guard ID, 2 air chamber, all-around grab line, welded oarlocks, inflatable cushions, two fishing rod holders, inflation pump, and motor mount fitting.

For the Seahawk 4 Intex brand provide you everything, which features you need to hit the water immediately and Seahawk 4 fishing boat will easily fit up to 4 people.

The 30-gauge PVC vinyl feature can resist damage from abrasion, sunlight, and impact. The PVC vinyl feature is also unaffected through gasoline, oil, or saltwater and then you don’t need any special precautions around a motor or near the saltwater inlet.


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Intex brand for the Seahawk 4 fishing boat included 2 air chambers for your safety and the inner hull chamber, inflatable floor welded oarlocks, inflatable cushions, and an all-around grab line for this type of feature you can do comfortably fishing in your boat.

Also in this fishing boat, you will get two fishing rod holders one rear and the second on each side, for this feature you can enjoy a lot the afternoon angling with friends and family.

For indoor and outdoor recreation more than 40 years Intex brand designing and producing high-quality, innovative products.

Intex brand mainly produces ground pools, pool accessories, pool toys, airbeds, and fishing boats. After every product making Intex employees continuously monitor for the raw quality materials and also Intex brand employees after making the product assembly every product.

Intex brand always tries to provide the best quality product at an affordable price. For this type of reason, Intex is the worldwide a famous brand.


  • Perfect for 4 adults.
  • Designed with heavy duty.
  • Puncture resistant PVC for more comfort and durability.
  • Motor mount fittings are included for the flexibility.
  • Repair patch kit.
  • 30-gauge PVC vinyl.
  • 4 people easily fit.
  • Oars holders and an inflation pump.
  • Grab the handle on the bow.
  • Gear pouch.
  • U.S. Coast Guard ID.
  • 2 air chambers.
  • All-around grab line.
  • Welded oarlocks.
  • Inflatable cushions.
  • Two fishing rod holders.
  • Inflation pump.



  • Warranty duration only for 30 days.
  • The soft floor makes standing tricky.
  • No backrests on seats.


04. Solstice Swimline Voyager Fishing Boat

Solstice by Swimline Voyager review

Swimline is one of the most popular brands and Swimline was established in 1971. and has been family owned ever since. The Swimline brand makes loads of PVC products and ranging from pool covers to inflatable floats.

Swimline brand has acquiring water sports companies and as well. as their developing their own products. Swimline brand started making inflatable fishing boats, kayak fishing boats from 2009.

The Solstice Voyager is one of the cheapest fishing boats on the market. If you purchase the Solstice Voyager 6, in this boat can sit 3 adults and 3 kids.

In this fishing boat, Swimline included some nice features like 4 air chambers, swiveling oar locks, integrated fishing rod holder, motor mount fitting.

One of the big advantages is, the Swimline brand for the Solstice Voyager can provide 4 versions of size fishing boats.


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You could purchase 2, 4, 5, and 6 person model versions. The Swimline brand for the Solstice Voyager utilizes 4 air chambers inflated through the Boston valves, this feature is very important for a fishing boat, air chamber through a punctured boat you can keep the boat on the water.

One thing in this boat Swimline utilizes very basic PVC, so you have to be very careful because if you drag in the stand the boat can puncture easily. So don’t drag your boat on the stand or anywhere.

If you purchase the larger models, the large model fishing boat through you can fit easily with a motor mount. In your boat, if you add an electric trolling motor or a 2 hp gasoline engine, then you can easily fishing in deep water and saltwater.

If you are a beginner angler and looking for a large fishing boat at a cheap price? the Solstice Voyager will be one of the best fishing boats for beginners.



  • 2, 4, 5 and 6 person’s model.
  • 4 air chambers.
  • swiveling oar locks.
  • integrated fishing rod holder.
  • Motor mount fitting.
  • You can sit 3 adults plus 3 kids comfortably.



  • Cheap material.
  • This boat doesn’t include a pump or oars.
  • The PVC is not more durable but you can’t expect durable materials at this price.


The Bottom Line

In this guide, we are reviewing the world’s best brand fishing boat, also you will get about all brand details information and every fishing boat’s pros and cons.

From my personal choice for the best fishing boat for beginners the Intex Mariner 4, Intex Excursion for best service.

If you read our best fishing boat for beginners article, We hope you will find out your best fishing boat.


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